[s-cars] Aquamist Impressions-WAS DIY FMIC - Almost done, hit a small snag

Mark Strangways Strangconst at rogers.com
Thu Jul 22 08:38:31 EDT 2004

I will second Joey's comment.
I rely on my water injection a lot.

Mark S
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  Speaking of cans of worms...

  I have nothing but great things to say about the water injection on my
  little RC car.  It's brought EGT's down considerably and I've been
  able to ramp up the ignition timing and boost to 100 octane levels
  with just straight water.

  Keep in mind that I have one less cylinder than the rest of you and
  have a pretty big FMIC on there, but I think the results would be the
  same, regardless, especially considering how similar these engines
  actually are (inline, DOHC, 4v/cyl, although the AAN sounds sweeter
  than the 4G63).

  I say go for the water first, then do a front mount if you feel you need to.


  On Wed, 21 Jul 2004 21:43:16 -0700 (PDT), brian bilotti
  <vinnieb2 at yahoo.com> wrote:
  > Bruce,
  > Thanks for opening the can of worms. As most of you
  > know I had THE DAVE STONE FMIC but it went away with
  > snif, Edwin. My quest for power hasn't diminished
  > though, just rerouted. Since I got the avant I really
  > wanted to get the S6+ bumper set. That said, I really
  > didn't feel like hacking one up or waiting to
  > fabricate an FMIC for one so I started talking with
  > Trevor Frank and he was convinced it was a great
  > thing. Several benefits, cooler inlet temps= cleaner
  > piston tops= detonation protection and a slower burn.
  > Hmmm, sounded good to me. Fast forward. this last
  > weekend with Mihnea in the car we tested it. A little
  > background first, my Innovative 50 trim turbo was
  > leaking so I pulled it and replaced it with a lowly 57
  > trim #3 hot side, K26 Hybrid (read heat pump, at least
  > for our cars)so it''s producing 60-70F+ degrees above
  > ambient. Flip on Mr Aquamist 2D (works on injector
  > Duty cycle)hit the gas and the temps start going down.
  > All the way to 20 deg above ambient. Not FMIC cool but
  > I'm also using the a solution of 25% methanol. I'm
  > gonna get the 50% mix and see how that goes. Then
  > today, 85f outside and I saw 10 degrees above ambient.
  > Is it better than an FMIC? NO. Does it keep heat soak
  > at bay, YES. Could it make an FMIC better? Hmmm, I'd
  > like to see someone do it and get consistent negative
  > ambient temps. Another note, my EGT's dropped 200F. My
  > probe is in the turbo scroll and I was seeing 1600+,
  > now, 1400.
  > HTH
  > bb
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