[s-cars] Another S6 won't start

Palmer, Chris capalmer at nortelnetworks.com
Thu Jul 22 11:20:36 EDT 2004


Well NEA did the timing belt 4K miles ago in July last year.
So this would be just the CPS (assuming that's the problem).
I'd prefer they do this job too, but it's a matter of my time
getting up there and back (no problem renting a car). Whereas
P&W is close by, and we are also currently negotiating with
them on an Allroad for my wife.
Hmmmm, what to do.

Chris Palmer
95.5 S6 Avant

> Chris:  In my humble opinion, if you have to do a cam position
> sensor, unless you just did your timing belt, etc., you might
> as well do the timing belt, etc. at the same time.  As result,
> if I was you I would get your car to NEA and have it all done.
>  Rent a car if you must for the day or so the car will be down.
>  You'll likely pay less that at the stealership anyway.
> Dave F.

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