[s-cars] RE: Race Gas again

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Thu Jul 22 12:26:51 EDT 2004

Bill wrote:

> Also, being a non recovering race gas addict, I've been 
> running this uhhmm 
> Torco Race Fuel Concentrate of late. 
> http://www.torcoracefuels.com/torcoenter.htm  
> $12/can mix 
> with 10 gals of 93octane and "supposedly" it becomes 104.  I 
> cannot quantify that, but my buttdyno sez it's doing sumthin 
> and have had some smirks if not out right grins. It remains a 
> mystery to me just what is in this concoction and I am hoping 
> someone else will evaluate it.  Best price for 6 cans appears 
> to be here: http://www.jbsblownc5.com/html/torco.html  no 
> affiliation bla bla Please someone tell me its nothing so as 
> I don't get the train tankcarfull.

I don't see how its possible to get 104 octane by adding 32 oz of 104
fuel to 10 gal of 93. By my calculations this mix would end up with 93.3
octane (using this formula, http://www.elektro.com/~audi/toluene/)

Even if you added 4 cans (1 gal) to 10 gal of 93 you would end up with
only 94 octane.

I figure toluene is a cheaper way to boost octane as its rated at 114
octane (R+M)/2. Toluene can be bought at any paint store for approx
$30/5 gal. I gal toluene to 10 gal 93 would end up with 95 octane.

Sean Douglas

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