[s-cars] Re: Another S6 won't start

Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Thu Jul 22 12:32:31 EDT 2004

Palmer, Chris wrote:
> I'd prefer they do this job too, but it's a matter of my time
> getting up there and back (no problem renting a car). 

There's an Enterprise "We pick you up" rental car agency on
Manchester St in Concord, about 1 mile from NEA. If you can
get to NEA by 6pm [1], drive the car up to NEA, wait for the
Enterprise people to deliver a car to you at NEA, drop your
Audi keys in NEA's after-hours drop slot, and you are on
your way. A day or two later, reverse the process.

'94 100 S Avant
'89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy"

[1]  Here are their hours:

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