[s-cars] Accelerator pedal!!!!!!

Steve Young sryoung at nycap.rr.com
Thu Jul 22 20:33:25 EDT 2004

This has happened on both my 1996 A6Q and my 1994 S4.  It appears to be
a common failure over time.  You already found out the bad news -- the
price of the replacement from the dealer.  Should you decide to bite the
bullet and buy a new pedal assembly, the good news is it is about a 15
minute job to perform the new part install.  Good luck.

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OK, I hop into my car this morning and find the plastic pedal cover
laying in the middle of the footwell!  I thought I could just pop it
back on and spent 5 min. trying to do so before I realized that the
tiny little strip of plastic was broken and there was no easy pop
backon solution.  Called dealer first thing when I got into the office
and they want $88.00 for a new pedal.  Any BTDT for replacing this
thing w/o shelling out $90 for a piece of plastic????  I searched the
Audiworld forums and found a post of "Hap" saying that he rigged a
hinge or something, any details??  Thanks.


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