[s-cars] Stranded!

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Thu Jul 22 21:59:32 EDT 2004

Very fortunate place to be stranded.

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> S-Folk, 
> I stopped at a local discount auto shop on my way home after work to 
> pick up some bolts for my front license plate. After not finding what 
> I was looking for, I got in my car and it wouldn't start or even turn 
> over! No power, nada. At first, I thought it was the infamous 
> "ignition switch" which I'm planning on replacing at the Mihnea Tuning 
> Session (which I was now panicking that was not going to be able to 
> attend!) with Paul K. and co. A quick test of the radio and power 
> locks told me that this was not the case. After running in to get a 
> screwdriver, I popped up the back seat and saw that my negative battery 
> terminal was actually BROKEN and coming off the post of my battery! 
> $1.56, 10 minutes later, and several trips back in and out of the store 
> and I was back in business. The happy news for the day - sometimes it 
> actually *IS* the cheap fix! 
> -Evan 
> 95 //S6 
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