[s-cars] ...and how was your day, dear?

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This is a brand new system that has never been installed.  The tip thing
isn't really a big deal, but the system is tight to the cat.  I know they
use a sort "mold" to make these, so variation is uncommon.  My car has never
been hit, and I am running the RS2 turbo.  Scott says "drive it".  I will
take his advice and see how it is after some heat.  Other than the fitment,
the sound is super cool.  For now I am resisting the urge to tweak the
downpipe down a bit.


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Hey Tom.

WRT your Stromung fitment description <<< below>>>.

Did you buy a brand new RSS and have this fitment trouble?

Reason is, I did, and having installed it a month ago I had only one
"The tips were off center in the bumper cutout."

Everything else was PlugNPlay.

You should not have _any_ issues with a new RSS downpipe.

The guys at Stromung would appreciate a reply, since they use a 'jig'
and that does not vary from unit to unit.

I have heard of used systems heating and moving a lot..

What do you say?

Jeff Posto   
Stromung guy

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