[s-cars] The Magic Age (when and how much?)

Robert Deis rdeis at io.com
Fri Jul 23 00:00:27 EDT 2004

Hey, all. I may have found my 95.5 avant!  But in case that falls 
though, another purchase advice question:

All cars go through what my wife calls "the magic age" where things 
start needing replaced- alternators, starters, sounds like with S cars 
that may include the cam sensor, ignition switch, and some other stuff.

With my other car, that was around 95k-120k miles.  Get at 120, and 
everything's been done and the car's as reliable as new, and won't need 
anything (save go-fast parts) for years.  At 95 though, the lower milage 
is actually *less* of a deal because those parts are about to need 

Question is, when was you car's "magic age" and how much did it cost you?

Or, phrased another way- when is less milage worse than more?

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