[s-cars] RS2 EM + K26/T04E install complete!

James Murray (QB/EMC) james.murray at ericsson.com
Fri Jul 23 08:44:00 EDT 2004

Replacing one of the stock round gauges in the instrument cluster has been done before, but you have to shift the gauges down, you can't simply replace the clock, not enough room or something...This is not an easy job, but doable, see pic on Jimmy's site: http://www.urs4.com/technical/interior/gauges/DCP_0236.JPG this was a custom SPI gauge... If you come up with an alternate way of doing it, please let me know, I'd love to replace the clock. 

Cheers, /Jamu.

P.S. "In the interest of getting the stupid car back on the road..." oh dear... Audi gods, please take pity on this poor soul, he is still delirious from his last beating... ;-)

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I was _very_ nervous that I would have coolant leaking from the EM stud
where I drilled into the coolant jacket but it looks like my jb weld
repair worked great!

I buttoned everything up last night and had a bit of a coolant leak, but
thankfully it was coming from the wrong side of the motor.

Further inspection revealed that the plastic housing for the thermostat
had a chip in the sealing ring causing the leak.

In the interest of getting the stupid car back on the road I dug through
my parts bin and found a powdercoated coolant flange from a 5kt that was
the right shape, but the outlet diameter was a bit smaller.  I don't
think this will be an issue, but I'll be watching the coolant temps
carefully.  Here's a pic of the flaw:


and the side by side of that with the replacement flange:


After swapping in the new flange I had absolutely zero leaks.  SWEEET!

For the MAF to turbo hose I contemplated making something out of the
pipe I had in my garage but opted for the $$ 2B unit just because it was
the easy way out.  A very nice piece indeed.

Took the car for a trip to the grocery store and I was pleasantly
surprised that even with zero tuning the lag isn't as bad as I was
fearing.  Boost comes in at 3k and pulls hard all the way to redline.

More pics here:


Looking forward to this weekend's Mihnea tuning fest.  I think tonight
I'm going to install a boost gauge temporarily in the ashtray area until
I have more time to mount it up properly.

Anyone ever tried to replace one of the stock round gauges in the
instrument cluster with an autometer/VDO boost gauge before? I was
thinking about replacing the clock...

-Marc Swanson-
95.5 //S6 Avant
87 4ktq
88 90q

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