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Krasusky Paul (WQQ2PXK) WQQ2PXK at ups.com
Fri Jul 23 10:18:18 EDT 2004

Robert Deis pondered:

<<<Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 22:02:09 -0600
From: Robert Deis <rdeis at io.com>
Subject: [s-cars] The Magic Age (when and how much?)

All cars go through what my wife calls "the magic age" where things 
start needing replaced- alternators, starters, sounds like with S cars 
that may include the cam sensor, ignition switch, and some other stuff.

With my other car, that was around 95k-120k miles.  Get at 120, and 
everything's been done and the car's as reliable as new, and won't need 
anything (save go-fast parts) for years.  At 95 though, the lower milage 
is actually *less* of a deal because those parts are about to need 

Question is, when was you car's "magic age" and how much did it cost you?

Or, phrased another way- when is less milage worse than more?>>>

First, I like the way your wife thinks.  Good perspective to have.

B) heh heh heh...  careful for what you ask for here.  Lesser mentally
prepared (read: far wiser and much brighter) people have been known to run
frantically in the other direction mumbling and cursing some incoherent
madness about "nev-er buy-ing an s-car / au-di", etc. upon hearing the

Seriously though, these cars most certainly have this magic age theory-ism
thing.  They mostly all have mostly all the same failures at some point or
another, some more than others depending on use / care.  You can almost set
your watch to it.  Some cars here have even failed together in masse on
numerous documented occasions at the mere mention of said failure on this
list.  Yes I'm serious...

Now what that that listofthings is can vary, as can costs, and I doubt
you'll get anyone dumb enough to admit what $$$ their costs are 8-).  If
they're like me they're in denial (and have a warranty) and they choose not
to take notice of that figure so you can plead ignorance to the wife and not
go on a mentally berserk extended couch trip, heh heh...

List is long and wide and deep and whatever...  I'm sure others here will
chime in / point you in the direction of the s-cars.org buyer's guide, etc.
Ask someone for the "known failures" list, I don't have it as my car is a
rolling example.  

A wise man once said, cars like to be driven not to sit.  And driven the
piss out of.  Wait, that's the voices in my head...  they tell me to burn

-Paul making it out worse than it really is just because it's therapeutic K.

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