[s-cars] Boost gauge for cluster installation (clockreplacement)

Dave Forgie forgied at direct.ca
Fri Jul 23 13:47:31 EDT 2004

Marc:  Its NOT impossible.  Just a big pain.  Don't let my comments stop
you.  But here's some history:

I had wanted to do this about four-five years ago. After contacting VDO
directly about a grey faced backlit gauge ("Sure, but you'll need to
guaranttee a minimum order of 500 gauges").  So a then lister and all round
good guy, Mance (salinas22??), and I worked on developing our own back-lit
gauge face based on a VDO Cockpit backlit (black face).  I provided the gauge
face template (took a new gauge apart) and the critiques.  Mance used his
aircraft instrument face manufacturing talents and equipment to build a new
face.  It was pretty good (but not perfect).  I think two faces were built. I
gave up when a) I saw the amount of work involved (the brass body of the
bourdon tube would have to be modified to get the required clearance) and b)
I didn't think I would like the line of sight of the finished product even if
the gauge was perfect.  The other dash (vent, console, etc) options aren't
much better.  Hence the A-pillar.

I have given my grey-faced backlit VDO gauge to another lister (only went to
25 psi). The Autometer Phantom side lit is "okay" but not perfect.  But at
least I have a gauge and it goes to 30 psi.  I have painted the pillar pod
with the ecru leather "paint" I got from Colorplus and it looks okay.  Not
ricy.  Not true stealth but not overt either.  Dave F.

Marc Swanson wrote:

> I've never taken the IC apart so I had no idea about the PCB, but that
> doesn't seem like an impossible obstacle to deal with.  I still want
> one.
> Don't want an A-pillar pod if I can help it (going for stealth factor),
> and to me line of sight to the clock/voltmeter location is better than
> the other alternative I was looking at which is the ashtray location.
> -Marc Swanson-
> 95.5 //S6 Avant
> 87 4ktq
> 88 90q
> www.mswanson.com/audi

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