[s-cars] Bosch BPV number 116?

The Rogue therogue at videotron.ca
Fri Jul 23 14:05:38 EDT 2004

I just went to the stealers to get a new BPV for my 93 S4......to my 
surprise they sold me another Part number that i was expecting!

I thought the original part number was 710B or Bosch 108.....
and from what i gathered  on the list the popular (Low budget) 
replacement is the 710N or Bosch 114!

The BPV that Audi had on file for my car was a Bosch 116 pn:0280142*116* 
or AUDI pn: 034145*710B* is this right? Do any of you have experience 
with this particular  BPV? I would like to confirm that its the right 
one before i put it on the car! What will the difference be if i do?

Would like to get rid of that fluttering sound between vaccum and boost, 
and also the power drain i feel when i go into overboost as soon as 


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