[s-cars] Bosch BPV number 116? ~> Now Friday Afternoon Funnies

mlp mlped at qwest.net
Fri Jul 23 14:29:25 EDT 2004

Newswire Flash:  From Audi AG, after extensive tests, the "fluttering" sound
many UrS4/6 owners have been hearing has been pinned down.  

After extensive laboratory testing source has been isolated, and has been
determined by Capt. Hap McGuire to be loose cash in the owner's pocket.  A
fix is in the works.  Bill, as they say in France, "Hold on to your head."


or maybe that's not so funny?   

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>Would like to get rid of that fluttering sound between vaccum 
>and boost, 
>and also the power drain i feel when i go into overboost as soon as 

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