[s-cars] Boost gauge for cluster installation

Brian Powell atomicham at mac.com
Fri Jul 23 16:26:56 EDT 2004


I wanted to replace the clock on my installation and gave up after 
researching it.  Instead, I built a matching walnut burl console piece, 
put in a VDO Cockpit White gauge and left it at that.  It looks stock, 
see the picture at:


It isn't in the best line of site, but, frankly after the car is tuned, 
etc., I don't look at the boost gauge that often.  When I do, it is a 
quick glance.  The other nice feature is that I have room left for more 
goodies in the panel.  I am contemplating building a mixture sensor to 
put in there (or just buy a wideband sensor and meter--still searching 
for a nice white backed analog gauge).

When I bought the burl, I sold some to Bill Mahoney who did a similar 
install to mine and to Lee Levitt, but, I don't know what he did with 
it.  Lee?


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