[s-cars] A/C shutting down

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Fri Jul 23 21:11:08 EDT 2004

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> Thanks Tom and other listers who replied. In a 
> perverse way I guess this is good news - nothing to 
> fix! But it still surprises me that a car can be 
> designed without sufficient cooling to survive in even 
> 110 deg temps without having to resort to shutting 
> down A/C. 
> One more question about these A/C systems. The 
> compressor is LOUD. A constant groan kind of like a 
> dry power steering unit. Is this normal too? I guess 
> I hope it is... 
> Mike 
Well, common maybe, but not normal. Another common noise is the jet turbine whine that really turns heads.   As I said, the key to keeping cool is to keep the system in top condition.  A good a/c person you trust can give you a better assessment of the noise and system condition than I can from here.
Tom '95 S6

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