[s-cars] Where is Da Bomb?

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Fri Jul 23 21:43:47 EDT 2004


Your car will be on jackstands but if your face is in brake fluid you've
removed the wrong part. Your face should be in central hydraulic fluid
(affectionately known as "Pentosin", "Green Gold", etc.)

It's not a tough job. Just remember to discharge the bomb by pumping the
brake pedal until it gets hard (at least 50 times) or more than your face
will be in Pentosin - you'll have Pentosin everywhere. The bomb stores fluid
at ~2000 psig. Flush your central hydraulic fluid while you are in there.

Good luck!

Fred Munro
'94 S4

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Fellow S-car gurus,

happy joy joy, easily replaced the valve cover and oil cap gaskets then
popped in a fresh air filter .

Next on the list is to replace da infamous brake bomb, I have a
replacement here just didn't see it after a casual look under da hood.
Upon revisiting SJMAutotechnik, it states ". It is mounted underneath
the drivers side frame rail, below the engine compartment."

Is this going to be a job where the car is on jack stands and I have my
face in brake fluid? :-( I'll be working on this job Saturday morning,
hopefully it won't take too long....


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