[s-cars] Boost gauge for cluster installation (clock replacement)

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Sat Jul 24 11:18:58 EDT 2004

1.  Yes, I really missed the clock;

2.  IMO only, its a very inconvenient place to have a gauge as "active" as a
boost gauge tends to be.  In fact, IMO its a bad place to have such a gauge,
particularly if your think your the kind of person who tends to obsess with
how much boost &/or (depending on the gauge) vacuum (Pizzo's preferred
gauge) is being drawn/produced at any given moment.  This would be doublely
true for those who think they're hearing A/C moans etc.

3.  Oh, yes and did I say ~ aside from missing the clock, its a lousy place
to put a boost &/or EGT gauge (in my case we tried a dual function SPA
EGT/Boost gauge.)  The position is too far right (even for the Republicans
on the list), and too low (even for the Democrats) to both read and keep
ones attention on the road.  I took it out. 

Now for "occasional" reading/test purposes, there is plenty of room in the
kick panel above the driver's left knee, right in the middle of your carbon
fiber or faux maple panel strip.
One need not be as concerned about a precise face match etc. in that
location as it's basically out of site to all except the driver, so little
to no "rice" effect.  Downside, you do have to take your eyes of the road to
look down, but the locations not too bad.  I think I already once sent Marc
a photo of the "temp" install in the driver's knee panel location.  IIRC, he
wasn't buying that as a location alternative.  I'm probably going to use
this location for a Nordskog (? sp) digital Oil pressure gauge (red led) in
the Avant which doesn't have an oil pressure gauge now that the GT30
(rumored to be oil pressure sensitive) is going in he wagon.  I suppose a
SPA oil pressure gauge with a peak hold function if they made something like
that would be interesting, but .... 

Say, what do these things run for oil pressure levels on cool/cold days with
new, tight engines?  75psi+?  Anyone measure or charted this?


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>Marc and Dave
>If memory serves, Mike, I can put anything anywhere, Pederson 
>installed a 
>gauge at the clock location on his green car. We have to 
>identify which Pederson 
>car we talk about by color since he does in fact own 3 of 
>them. Anyway, I 
>can't remember which gauge was mounted there but it seems that 
>Mr Pederson really 
>missed his clock;-(    Any comments Mike???
>Hap, ovah in dahkine land and not in Evahboost, Maguire 
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