[s-cars] hybrid turbo fittment

Philip Mische pmische at comcast.net
Sat Jul 24 13:53:07 EDT 2004

Knowing the original turbo position is a nice place to start and I do know
it, but that's not really relevant as this hybrid's a whole different
critter.  In order to rotate the compressor housing on the hybrid to where
it should ideally be brings the big alum boss on the housing into contact
with the EM on the back rib.  Also, one of the bolt heads runs right through
were the turbo drain wants to be.  If I have to compromise with these
components oriented the way they are it will be okay, but if anyone out
there's done some nip and tuck to make it better I'd like to hear what
they've done.


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1.  Clock the new turbo positions to the old turbo before installing the
2.  Make sure you don't loosen the old turbo & disturbed the I/O settings
when you remove it;
3.  Do/observe step 2, so you can try step 1;

4.  An offending bolt head "can" be cut/Dremel tooled etc. roughly in half.

5.  I shudder to suggest, as it may revive old threads now dead & buried,
BUT I've been told a dab or two of high temp antisize on the hot side bolts,
and even the CHRA "O" seat in the hot side scroll may be in order,.... just
for future use peace of mind.



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>since things are so tight the circumferential compressor bolt
>head is fouling on the oil drain.  Sure would be nice to have
>a little more wiggle room.

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