[s-cars] My car is in my garage and the time has come..

Elijahallen92 at aol.com Elijahallen92 at aol.com
Sat Jul 24 18:46:32 EDT 2004

Hi all, well I finally got my car back in my garage and today started tearing 
it apart. The car took a hard hit to the front and to the drivers rear 
quarter panel and wheel but other than that and the airbags blowing the dash apart 
the car is in great condition. Unfortunately its not worth it to fix it so the 
car will be parted out. I just put a down payment on a 91 Audi coupe with an 
AAN already installed. The car needs work (the whole bottom end, due to a spun 
rod bearing) but I have the parts and plan to build it to at least where my S4 
was. Anyway, I am selling the upper half of the engine (ported, and polished 
head with five angle valve job and ported intake and exhaust ports) as well as 
most of the car. The Happersized rear swaybar is gone as well as the exhaust, 
samco's, and RS2 manifold. The coupe I'm getting has an RS2 EM as well and I 
will be going to tubular EM soon so I may have another for sale soon. Let me 
know what you need and I'll try to keep up. 

Elijah the s4/s6 parts store is open once again Allen

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