[s-cars] Boost gauge for cluster installation

lebakken1 at netzero.com lebakken1 at netzero.com
Sat Jul 24 18:54:57 EDT 2004

Brian Powell wrote:


>I wanted to replace the clock on my installation and gave up after 
>researching it.  Instead, I built a matching walnut burl console >piece, put in a VDO Cockpit White gauge and left it at that. It isn't >in the best line of site, but, frankly after the car is tuned, etc., I >don't look at the boost gauge that often.  When I do, it is a  quick >glance.  The other nice feature is that I have room left for more >goodies in the panel.  I am contemplating building a mixture sensor to 
>put in there (or just buy a wideband sensor and meter--still searching 
>for a nice white backed analog gauge).

Brian then presented a beautiful piece of craftsmanship at:

>It looks stock,see the picture at:


Holy Moly.

I want this.

Just when I was about to break out the drill, and permanently f-up my A-pillar, I see this picture. After seeing the same gauge location in many Audi's, especially the 90 series, it never occurred to me to do the same. This is brilliant. ESPECIALLY because it looks SO stock.

I just checked the piece of burl I bought to do a shift knob, since I could not find one to my liking. It is too small, even though it is big enough to four knobs. Looks as if I will have to buy another...

Nice shift knob BTW, the only burl one I have seen. Was this part of the same project as well?

Lastly, do you still have the napkin that you drew the plans for this on? I would kill to have a copy.

Craig, shoppin' for more walnut burl, Lebakken
94 S4 still waiting for Samcos.....

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