[s-cars] Odometer

Wayne Dohnal wd1 at hevanet.com
Sun Jul 25 00:46:31 EDT 2004

>Two weeks ago whilst returning from the Portland tuning session I
>expected my odometer to surpass 180k kms. It has, however, stalled at

It needs to turn a lot of digits to get to 180K, so if it was going to fail
this is a likely place.  I have no S-car odometer experience but had a
similar failure in my old 4K.  The problem was a gear spinning on a shaft, a
failed press fit.  I fixed it by disassembling the odo enough to remove the
gear and the shaft, and beating the shaft out-of-round where the great was.
It made a new press fit.  Before the odo totally failed it would be
temperature sensitive, so if it gets colder it may temporarily begin working
again.  The S4 odo looks to me to be a standard mechanical odo driven by a
stepper motor instead of a speedo cable.  Maybe it's pretty much the same as
the older ones.

Wayne Dohnal
1994 S4

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