[s-cars] Boost gauge for cluster installation (clock replacement)

Mark Strangways Strangconst at rogers.com
Sun Jul 25 21:50:21 EDT 2004

Ok, I will explain Sunday...

I have made a boost gauge that sits in the right most gauge location, so now we have the oil temp, oil pressure, and boost pressure gauges.

I had Clock, oil temp, oil pressure.
I was able to reclaim a secondary IC PC board from a 200 (I think it was), which did not have a clock. It cost about 25 CAD.
I also grabbed a used oil pressure gauge from an S4/S6, again about 25 CAD.
Third was a VDO pressure sender 0-30 PSI (no vacuum), with a 180 -10 ohm output.

I was able to easily recalibrate the resistor on the back of the gauge to work with the new senders resistance range.
After clipping a few traces from the previous voltmeter area, and adding one to allow the new gauge to work it was time to test.
Since my S is the one with the clock there are a bit more issues with where connectors go, but they didn't amount to anything more than 10 minutes with a soldering iron and some planning.

I have not refaced the gauge as of yet but it's all planned out. All except for the symbol :-)

For those who want a pic, e-mail me and I will send one.

Mark S

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