Subject: [s-cars] S6+ springs - any experiences?

Larry C Leung l.leung at
Mon Jul 26 09:45:33 EDT 2004


I just did an Eibach install on my 95.5 S6. Overall, the car corners
MUCH flatter, with better turn in response. Ride has barely been 
affected, it just seems somewhat firmer without harshness.
For comparison of age, the car has 95K on it, and at least with the
original (as purchased) Bilsteins in the car, the stock set-up was 
not floaty and handled fine, the car just looked too tall and it rolled
too much for my tastes. 
Overall, not sure I'd track the car with the Eibach/Bilstein combo, but
it's a helluva GREAT street set-up, much less of a ride handling 
compromise than my H+R/Bilstein set-up on my 200, which became
somewhat harsh. As a reference as to my evaluation of handling
(YMMV) I was quite successful in SCCA Solo2 Autocrossing
for many years so I believe I do know the difference between a pig's ear 
and a silk purse, at least in the automotive handling and performance


BTW, I sourced these springs for , they just got in a new
batch from Eibach. I had to wait 5 wks for my order, so I got the first
they sent out, and it was sent direct to me without a stop to's 
warehouse. I found the drop to be about 1" (measured onto a reference,
just haven't measured the reference for absolute #'s) and I am using the
rear spacer. 
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Subject: [s-cars] S6+ springs - any experiences?
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I'm still looking at my options for my '93.  I
appreciate the wheel travel with the stock springs,
but don't have much else good to say about them.  Ride
height looks too high, but more importantly the
handling is just terrible.

I'll probably end up with H&Rs unless I get lucky and
find some Eibachs.  But I'm afraid they'll be too
harsh.  The OEM S6+ springs are real expensive - but
if anybody's running them I'd sure like to hear what
they have to say before I make an decisions.

And I'm still hoping not to wait too long for the next
HRSB buy...

Anybody with the S6+ springs?  Any comparisons to H&R
and Eibach?


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