Subject: [s-cars] S6+ springs - any experiences?

Larry C Leung l.leung at
Mon Jul 26 11:47:39 EDT 2004

Eibach 1529.140 (it was listed there in the "applications" page, I
Drop is moderate, about 1" (20-25 mm), haven't measured exept with 
a reference scale. If you use "EasyPass" or equivalent, it's exactly the 
size of the height of the larger end of the window mount of the EasyPass.

Since I think I'm one of the first to get the "new" batch of these
I must inform all that you WILL need the spacer, which may still be
from, if not I know that they have stock at ECS Tuning as of
June. BTW, this application is for the '92 - 97 100CS/A6/S4/S6 series
C-4s) as far as I know. No mention of S6+, nor V8. Didn't cross reference
to check for sure. If you go H+Rs (which I know are availible) only
are V8 and S6+ models, and I know that they're availible at and amongst others. 

As for the drop, this is on Bilstein Sports, which are gas charged.
possibly more
drop on Sachs shocks (which I would NOT recommend). I would definitely
go for at least a heavy duty gas shock, Bilsteins or Koni's if possible.
light a shock and the springs will give a horrible, bouncy ride. 


On Mon, 26 Jul 2004 10:34:14 -0500 JR <urs4 at> writes:
> Which Eibachs are these?  The website just says "Eibach springs".  
> How 
> much was the drop?
> Thanks,
> JR
> Larry C Leung wrote:
> >Mike,
> >
> >I just did an Eibach install on my 95.5 S6. Overall, the car 
> corners
> >MUCH flatter, with better turn in response. Ride has barely been 
> >affected, it just seems somewhat firmer without harshness.
> >For comparison of age, the car has 95K on it, and at least with 
> the
> >original (as purchased) Bilsteins in the car, the stock set-up was 
> >not floaty and handled fine, the car just looked too tall and it 
> rolled
> >too much for my tastes. 
> >Overall, not sure I'd track the car with the Eibach/Bilstein combo, 
> but
> >it's a helluva GREAT street set-up, much less of a ride handling 
> >compromise than my H+R/Bilstein set-up on my 200, which became
> >somewhat harsh. As a reference as to my evaluation of handling
> >(YMMV) I was quite successful in SCCA Solo2 Autocrossing
> >for many years so I believe I do know the difference between a 
> pig's ear 
> >and a silk purse, at least in the automotive handling and 
> performance
> >world.
> >
> >LL - NY
> >
> >BTW, I sourced these springs for , they just got in a 
> new
> >batch from Eibach. I had to wait 5 wks for my order, so I got the 
> first
> >set
> >they sent out, and it was sent direct to me without a stop to 
> >warehouse. I found the drop to be about 1" (measured onto a 
> reference,
> >just haven't measured the reference for absolute #'s) and I am 
> using the
> >rear spacer. 
> >--------------------
> >Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 18:21:39 -0700 (PDT)
> >From: Mike Claire <mclaire_us at>
> >Subject: [s-cars] S6+ springs - any experiences?
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> >
> >I'm still looking at my options for my '93.  I
> >appreciate the wheel travel with the stock springs,
> >but don't have much else good to say about them.  Ride
> >height looks too high, but more importantly the
> >handling is just terrible.
> >
> >I'll probably end up with H&Rs unless I get lucky and
> >find some Eibachs.  But I'm afraid they'll be too
> >harsh.  The OEM S6+ springs are real expensive - but
> >if anybody's running them I'd sure like to hear what
> >they have to say before I make an decisions.
> >
> >And I'm still hoping not to wait too long for the next
> >HRSB buy...
> >
> >Anybody with the S6+ springs?  Any comparisons to H&R
> >and Eibach?
> >
> >
> >
> >Mike
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