[s-cars] Need a BOSE head !

thomas.pollock at amd.com thomas.pollock at amd.com
Tue Jul 27 15:39:46 EDT 2004

My fellow s-men,

a while back I took a lot of flack for sticking up for my poor old BOSE
system. I probably got 30-40 individual emails describing what I could do
with that piece of crapolla.... <sheesh>
There were lots of upgrade suggestions/examples of upgrades which I really
did entertain but I've decided I want to stay stock.  Radio wise, that is...
<gots to stay ahead of youz guyz>

Anywho last week I put the feelers out for anyone who might have a stock
unit they might want to part with. I got ZERO responses. Either your
changing your attitudes about the stock unit <doubtful> or have already
thrown them to the trash heap <probable?>.  I'd like to plead this time...
8-)   the BOSE "might not" be the greatest radio (ok, I said it) but it sure
beats having to listen to the screaming <insert your favorite relation>.
Doesn't anyone out there have a working unit they'd like to sell ???    I'll
probably check to see how much BOSE gets "just to look at" my non-working
unit. Last time I had a problem like this it was $75 !

thanks for listening....

tom. <hearing coming back all of a sudden>

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