[s-cars] Re: S-CAR-List Digest, Vol 9, Issue 89 - Spring Measurements: Eibach/Stock/Audi Euro

Larry C Leung l.leung at juno.com
Tue Jul 27 20:12:09 EDT 2004

I'd agree with Steve here, although the springs look progressive,
they seem completely compressed (dead) in the car, rear only.
So, they're function is linear, unless the car undergoes a whoop
that causes a full (or nearly full) droop. 

BTW, finally measured my scale as to the drop. Steve's measurements
on the front are dead on, I measure 37 mm (1.5 inches) drop, front and
rear, HOWEVER, I am using spacers in the rear. I am running a sedan 
on sedan springs, though. 


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> In the working range they are linear.  In the pre-load range the 
> rears
> especially are non-linear due to the inactive coils that get 
> compressed
> together by about 300-500 lbs force.  Above that point they are 
> linear.
> S.
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>   Very nice...
>   But I thought the Eibachs are a progressive rate spring.
>   Mine sure look that way.
>   Mark S
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