[s-cars] Mihnea tuning weekend in CT

evan at relivmaine.com evan at relivmaine.com
Wed Jul 28 08:48:39 EDT 2004

Cult of S members,

I know this is a few days late, but I wanted to chime in on my
thoughts/results of the tuning session from this weekend.  I'm a total
newbie when it comes to this stuff, having just become a cult member in
April, so this was my first experience with the fellow "idiots" as Paul K.
calls 'em.

I made the drive down from Maine in my stock S6 to find out that we were at
least 3-5 hours behind schedule.  Heh.  It was quite a crazy scene, almost
like something from Monster Garage.  We snacked on some Italian cookies and
had some homebrew that I brought down (although initial reports seem to
indicate that the alcohol content needs MORE BOOST...  I'll have to do some
tuning there too, apparently) and waited while Manny had some problems
worked out with his car.

I finally get my car into the garage and 4 guys swarm under my hood and
hand me a block from my fuse box and say "You won't be needing this
anymore!"  Apparently, Servotronic was now a thing of the past.  My first
mod!  :-)

I had some great help from Ray tearing my car apart and getting my ECU out,
as well as Paul K. and Robert who helped me get my IC out and replace my
freakin' ignition switch.  Also managed to put some 2W bulbs in the IC as
well, what a difference!  Robert was also kind enough to bring his VAG-COM
and reset my service lights for 999 days.  "But, honey!  Think of how much
money WE saved by getting all this help from the guys this weekend!  With
all that money WE have saved, I can get some Samco hoses, a stiffer
suspension, new brakes...."  Yikes.

Once I finally got in the car with Mihnea, the tuning went flawlessly.  It
was quite a bit of fun, although a little stressful to give him 2K - 7K in
3rd gear in pitch dark on the interstate.  Can't see the cops!  Luckily,
everything went very smoothly and the car is like a whole new animal now.  

Having driven it stock since April and now driving it after the tuning,
what a difference!  The word of the day is "PULL."  She just pulls
constantly no matter what gear I'm in, no matter what speed I'm going. 
Every time I step on the pedal I can feel the difference.  It amazes me
quite a bit and I find myself saying various phrases of surprise and shock
more often than not when I'm driving it now.  As the boys in CT apparently
say, this car is now stupid-fast.  mwahahahahaha!!!

Thanks again to Paul for organizing the event, Mihnea for the tuning and
for working all freakin' day and night, everyone else that showed up for
good times, conversation and helping a newbie out.  Everyone was so nice,
helpful and so welcoming, I can definitely see why people say that the Audi
family is the very best.  

Now, about installing RS2 parts in my car....   Slippery slope?  Hell, just
jump off the diving board into the deep end!

-Evan, with some sweet mods:  Mihneafied with No Servotronic, No Speed
Limiter, 2W IC bulbs, new ignition switch and reset service lights! 
95 //S6

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