[s-cars] Let the games begin

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
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I drilled my rear track link outer joints and inject grease twice a year
(winter tire changes). I used a small diameter drill and slip a grease
hypodermic needle into the hole. I counter-drilled the holes to take a short
SS #6 machine screw to keep the dirt out and the grease in. Did you buy the
cheaper aftermarket links? The OEM joints have a plastic liner, the
aftermarket ones are metal on metal (see what you can learn by drilling into

You've got a big project in hand - going to be quite the make-over!

Fred Munro
'94 S4

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Well after nearly 8 months of rounding up the parts, today is the big day
one pearl/black '93 S4.  She's getting a complete makeover.  It will start
the rear with all new bushings, and a torsen diff (thanks to Bob Pastore).
Moving forward, she'll get a fresh Kluge CRB 6 speed, a short shifter from
Brendan Rudack (I hope), a lightweight flywheel and Centerforce clutch.  On
to the
engine bay will be a freshly rebuilt 2.2 with Carillo rods.  The engine will
get a GT30R Garrett, mounted to a really nice tube header built by Hacke
Racing in Sweden, and ceramic coated by Swain in NY.  The intake side will
be handled by 034efi from our list friend Javad.  How's that for a 170k
for my little white quattro?

One disturbing find on disassembly of the rear...  My camber links are shot.
Both have failed at the outboard mount (not the ball joint), and have play
the bushing.  These were both replaced with new ones less than a year ago,
and at $100 a crack, I'm not too happy with the lifespan.  Any of you
come up with something on these?  Any input appreciated.  But for now, it's
to continue with what will surely be a long effort.
Take care,
Dave in CO
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