[s-cars] Re: NAC - a Toyota Corolla question

Igor Kessel kbattpo at verizon.net
Wed Jul 28 18:11:04 EDT 2004

Dan DiBiase wrote:

> Igor, I'm curious as to what you thought of the Focus' seats.... I've 
> read that they are terribly unsupportive..... Having sat in the driver's 
> seat briefly, I found it strangely-shaped and uncomfortable......
> Dan D
> '04 A4 1.8T q MT-6
> Central NJ USA 
> */Igor Kessel <kbattpo at verizon.net>/* wrote:
>     Folks,
>     I am finally back home after the cross-country trip in a Corolla.
>     For the trip back I rented a Focus from Hertz and managed to save
>     half of the day
>     versus the trip in the Corolla. Once again I came to a conclusion
>     that European
>     cars rule. Not only dynamically, but also, and most importantly, due
>     to their far
>     far superior ergonomics. Especially so on a long coast-to-coast trip.

It depends what you chose for a benchmark, Dan. If the bolstered Recaros in my S6, 
or the Cobra Daytonas in my wife's A4 them perhaps you're right. But if you're 
coming from the terrible short Corolla seat, that caused me literally to limp for 
the first few days in LA after the 4-day cross-country trip, then the Focus seats 
are quite adequate. They were reasonably firm and supportive. Most importantly, 
the seat cushion was long enough to support about 3/4 of the length of my hip. The 
Corolla's seat only covered 1/2 of that so I had to drive for 12+ hrs. per day 
supporting my right leg by the hip muscles. Such a poisture would give me cramps 
by the end of the day, and after the 4 day trip my right ball (pardon the graphic 
details) and the inner hip was aching as if somebody had kicked me in the crotch.

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros

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