[s-cars] Bosch BPV number 116?

The Rogue therogue at videotron.ca
Wed Jul 28 23:04:40 EDT 2004

I did what my gut feeling was telling me. I waited until monday before 
installing the 710B so I could go back to Audi and exchange my BPV for a 
710N. Thanks Dave for the input! Great thing is that the 710N is half 
the price of the other one, so I  end up with the part I wanted in the 
first place at half the cost!

The car now feels smooth as it transisions between vacum and 
boost......much better!

Weird thing was that the old valve looked installed backwards?? Probably 
from the engine rebuild 6000Km back! I went back to the CD and confirmed 
the position of the valve as to have the internal spring parallel to the 
turbo, Right? In other words in life 3D when you look under the hood at 
the valve installed, you sould be able to read the part numbers and not 
be looking at the bosch logo? Right?

What are the negative effects of having the valve instaled upside down 
so long, and I really should of thought of checking it's orientation 

JFB aka The Rogue
'93 //S4

Dave Forgie wrote:

> Yes, the research was done by somebody on the B5 S4 twin turbo V6 
> forum.  I didn't go to the links just now but I have before.  What I 
> remember was the 710N was reinforced with a brass disc in comparison 
> to the 710A.  Also the 710N performed (when new) just as well as the 
> expensive fancy schmancy "rebuildable/adjustable" ones.
> Return the 710B (what ever it is for) and get a 710 N.
> Dave F.

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