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James Murray (QB/EMC) james.murray at ericsson.com
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Manny, I've never heard of anyone putting heat-sink paste on the coil packs, on the POS (Power Output Stage) otherwise known as PSO (Power State Output) device yes, but not the coils... The originals coils do not have this, and new BERU coil packs don't come with this either... Not that it wouldn't hurt mind you... it is a coil and it does get hot, maybe the heat transfer to the cover might extend life, who knows.

If you want heat-sink paste for your PSO/POS, try Radio-Shack. 

Cheers, /Jamu.

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Is there any sort of heat-sink paste that is supposed to be applied to the coil packs?  I am about to order some for replacement and can't remember if I saw a posting that recommended this or not.  If this is indeed needed, does it come with the new coil-pack? If not, any recommended manufacturers and locations to buy, as I'm guessing its not usually stocked at a FLAPS.  Thanks.


95.5 S6 Avant (recently Mihneafied and I'm itching to bury the throttle but my old packs won't go)

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