[s-cars] Heatsink addition to POS's

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Thu Jul 29 18:28:33 EDT 2004

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> Anyone got the link to the writeup on this?
> I tried taking the bracket holding the POS's off. It looks to be 
> rivited
> on??

> I don't know of any write-up, Trevor.  This started from folks 
> noticing the 2.7tt and neu S4 POS mounted to the airbox top and 
> exposed to the airflow inside the airbox.  Keeping it cool, huh ?

Are you talking about the bracket holding the two POS and coil 
connectors ?  The original POS has some heat-conducting paste on the 
back.  I thought it would be a good idea to put a little on the 
replacement  to help transfer heat away from the POS and to the 
bracket, since the new installations seem to emphasize the desirability 
of cooling.  This only requires removing the two machine screws that 
mount the POS to the bracket and smearing a thin layer of paste on the 
back, then reinstall.  Perhaps a small heatsink pasted to the back of 
the bracket  or between bracket and POS might be of further help.

Tom '95 S6

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