[s-cars] Shipping help - transmission

Tom Mullane tmullane at snet.net
Thu Jul 29 18:32:40 EDT 2004

Sort of OT, but at least this is an Audi trans:

For those of you whom I have not already bored with this story, the
transmission in my A6Q Avant (automatic, of course) gave up the ghost this
past weekend on the way out to Paul K's for the Mihneathon.  I have listed
to car for sale as is, and I am trying to locate a good used tranny; I will
take the path of least resistance. 

I've found a trans....in Utah - far from New England.  Does anyone have any
info on shipping heavy stuff cross country?  Any contacts or other
suggestions?  Anyone have a used automatic Quattro trans?  Anyone want the
avant in it's current condition?


Glastonbury, CT

1995.5 S6 - faster than ever
1996 A6Q Avant - slower than ever
1991 Coupe Q - never that fast, but always goes

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