[s-cars] what's this wire for?? (Motronic)

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Fri Jul 30 02:02:28 EDT 2004

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lebakken1 at netzero.com writes:

> My guess that this is a mod done by the people at www.moreboost.com. It is 
> especially probable if this ECU has their VMAP-D pressure transducer

Interesting speculation ... almost as good as unintended acceleration ... 

1) The unit has Bosch 250KPA unit being replaced by a VMAP. So that means the 
wire was there before.
2) The programming cable is a lot more elegant and has active components 
built into it and the likelihood of anyone having one of these is one of 5 people 
at this point - the ones who I know have these cables and have done the 
installations also do a professional job.

This looks more like a wire to bypass a faulty diode based upon probably a 
previous chip tuner ... and or transient damage repair do to jumping starting 
the car incorrectly ... if it is ... the component should be replaced.

Best regards,
Feico van der Laan

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