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Yes, in fact we did it on an A 8 last week. it's quite a large area under there and obviously needs to be draind. All the watewr that comes off the windshield and go down through the grill between the hood and the windshiel will end up there. we used one of those long flexible toolssuch as a magnetic retrieving devise. Just poke dowwn in there gently and "whoosh" off she goes.
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  Is this true on the S6 as well as the S4?  I've got the problem, my mechanic says it has to be done from below, it's above the transmission and you have to snake your arm around the exhaust.  I have yet to venture.  If I can do it from above, that would be great.

  Tom Rasmussen
  St. Paul, MN
  '95 S6  MTM 1+

    under the cowling, below the wipers that you access from
    under the hood. these get plugged up with leaves, spiders, etc. the area
    floods, and overflows into the interior, soaking the carpets, etc. if left
    to long, electronics begin to suffer as the water wicks back and up.

    pull the rubber strip that runs across the car behind the motor. lift the
    plastic cowling cover and poke under the blower pod and wipers with
    something long and flexible. when you poke through the drain you'll hear the
    telltale gush of water. BTDT many times.

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