[s-cars] Well, I found my next project

Emre Washburn yumyjager at gmail.com
Fri Jul 30 13:24:49 EDT 2004


The '91 Coupe weighs 3171 lbs in stock form, the 94 S4 weighs 3839
lbs. So it seems your AAN went on a hefty diet ;-) losing almost 670
Be aware that if you want to use the DSY in the Coupe, you will need
S2 front half shafts.
AFAIK, the RS2 FMIC is plenty big enough to support very high numbers.

I'm glad that you and Andrew came to an agreement and he is happy that
the car is in great hands with another fellow Audi-phile. I can't wait
to see how fast and nimble the e//S2 will be once you get your hands
on it :-)

92 //S4
90 Cq
40 valves to many!

On Fri, 30 Jul 2004 13:02:18 EDT, elijahallen92 at aol.com
<elijahallen92 at aol.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I went to Toronto yesterday to look at Andrew Jacksons 91 coupe with AAN and
> RS2 FMIC. He spun a rod bearing and the block is shot so I dropped my already
> built block off and bout the car. Let the project begin!!!!!!!!! I'm crating
> my 6speed and all other goodies from my S4 and sending them over for the shop
> who did the instal to put on and get the car running good then I will go over
> and pick it up. I told him I would like to start out between 400-450CHP and
> then work from there. It already has the Dahlback racing intake manifold so
> thats nice. The one thing I'm worried about is the RS2 FMIC isn't as big as I
> hoped and wonder how much power it can handle before it becomes the weak point in
> the system. The guys at the shop didn't think I'd have a problem getting the
> power I wanted with the parts I have so I'll keep you posted as things move
> along. Oh yea, anyone know the weight of the 91 cq.
> Elijah
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