[s-cars] RE: //SFest e//S2 welcome wagon

Krasusky Paul (WQQ2PXK) WQQ2PXK at ups.com
Fri Jul 30 13:53:03 EDT 2004

Jimmy wondered into the future:

<<<BTW, for those not on other lists or who are otherwise unaware, no less
four different eS2 projects have come to life in the past month.  What with
all of this S-Fest talk, we were wondering if a radical splinter-faction of
eS2s would be welcome next year?>>>


Damn Jimmy...  I'm still working on throwing the 2004 event let alone
thinking of 2005!  Yikes.  But, yes, these folks are not only welcome to
come but are encouraged.  The more the merrier...  hey, we all dig them
coupes right?  So that's a challenge to you four...  get them done in the
next 4 weeks and join us?  

Sorry you mentioned it yet Jimmaster?  And damn, TX is a
longlonglonglonglong ways away from CT.  Bigger yikes.

Surprise us.  Love to put a face with the Pribble name...  though we already
have our own CT "Jimmy" (granted he has a 500E so maybe there's room for 2
heh heh).

-Paul all are welcome as long as they're not AW smack-talking dillholes of
course K.

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