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Frank Stadmeyer stadmef at ntplx.net
Fri Jul 30 15:51:54 EDT 2004

For those of you who missed Mihnea's performance at Paul's this past 
weekend, it was awesome!  But as he said, soldering sucks!

When he sent Marc Swanson off with a replacement ECU and suggested 
somebody else do the soldering, I thought that if Mihnea wants to do 
some more tuning next time, folks better have their ECU's socketed 
beforehand.  So I checked with a local TV repair shop to see if he was 
willing.  It turns out he is, so here's the info for anybody who is 

The shop is located in East Hartford Connecticut so obviously that sort 
of limits the usefulness to local folks.  The name is 20th Century TV, 
Tel (860) 290-1280.

I talked to him about doing Marc's and he said he was interested but he 
wanted to see it first and he didn't want to be rushed.  He would 
charge shop rate (approx $60/hr) with a min of 1 hr.

Marc Swanson, I believe, eventually did his himself.  It's not that 
hard if you have good tools and soldering skills but there's no way 
Mihnea should have to do all the tuning work and the soldering.  If you 
want a Mihnea chip, show up with a socketed ECU!

(I don't have any relationship or deal with 20th Century TV other than 
they fixed a TV of mine once.  It was cheap and its still working.)

See you at  //SFest

Frank  Stadmeyer
'91 200TQ

On Jul 30, 2004, at 11:43 AM, Krasusky Paul (WQQ2PXK) wrote:
> Mihnea Cotet		Belgium(!)	will not be tuning AT the event;
> likely scheduling for the following week
> That's 9 more UrS cars...  making 36.  Insane.  58 cars total, 
> including the
> 4 mystery surprises above (beyond cool).  And destined to be more to 
> show at
> the door like last year.  I think we easily cleared 75-100 cars last 
> year.
> Nutty.  Tons of you coming from rather far away to boot, damn that's 
> cool...
> can't wait to meet you all.
> Again, 4 weeks and counting...  looking forward to it.  Contact me 
> with Q's
> or to get on the list so you can RSVP.  And RSVP / Paypal if you're 
> coming
> and have not yet, thanks.
> -Paul
> CT home of //SFest
> ps.  event is rain or shine.  Be a Boy Scout and Be Prepared...  bring 
> rain
> jacket and appropriate shoes, we'll have fun either way really, 
> guaranteed.
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