[s-cars] 1992 springs...are they good?

Rich Assarabowski konecc at snet.net
Fri Jul 30 21:29:21 EDT 2004

I have both a '92 with stock springs and shocks (my son's car actually)
and a '93 with H&R 29921's (aka Audi V8 springs) and Bilstein shocks.
Whereas the stock '93 springs have totally unacceptable ride height and
stiffness, the '92 springs are definitely livable.  They don't have a
lowered look like the H&R's but on rough roads you'll appreciate them.
The H&R's have a sporty feel but let you know when the roads gets rough.
If you drive a lot on rough roads and are less concerned about the
lowered look and don't care for a sports car ride and the added
harshness, I'd go with the '92's.    They're far superior to the stock
'93 and up suspension that Audi stuck on U.S. buyers.

-- Rich

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