[s-cars] Brake Kits Revisited

Greg Johnson gregsj2 at comcast.net
Fri Jul 30 22:14:44 EDT 2004


1.  BIRA's Sys 3 brackets are specifically designed to properly fit a 
Porsche 996/Boxter S monobloc caliper over a EuroA8 Audi rotor.   Hence, 
they do *not* fit into a 993TT equation.

2.  Get the slotted only rotors.  The drilled holes will only crack over 

Greg J

Chris Holinger wrote, in part:

>Finally going to to pull the trigger on the ECS Stage 2 kit which includes:
>³Four piston Porsche 993TT calipers with custom mounting brackets wrapped
>around 12.4"(314x30) OEM one piece rotors. Complete kits include all
>mounting hardware, Porsche fasteners, Hawk HPS (high performance street)
>pads, OEM slotted and cadmium coated rotors, stainless lines and ATE Super
>Blue.²  Here are my concerns:
>1. I have the BIRA system 3 brackets; does this fit into the equation?  If
>so, where? 
>2. There is no price difference between the slotted and the slotted &
>drilled rotors included in the kit, why not go for both slotted & drilled?
>Is there an argument against drilled rotors?

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