[s-cars] door reassembly trick

Noah noahgodwin at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 2 22:37:58 EDT 2004

In similar situations (5k) I have used a narrow length of duck tape, taped
to the plunger and folded in half to pass thru the hole and dangle a little
for me to hold while I get it all lined up.

-one of the original jury-riggers

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> After much struggling to get my door panels back on, I found a trick that
> thought I'd share.. As anyone knows who's tried to get the panels back in
> place, the lock pin is a PITA. It's at exactly the right height where it's
> nearly impossible to get lined up with the hole in the trim while you push
> down on the panel to get the 'hooks' to engage. If you miss the hole, you
> need to pull the panel back off and start over again. And again. And
> Here's the miracle tool: A BIC pen. Yep. That's it.
> Line up the trim best you can without engaging the hooks. Pull out the ink
> cartridge and stick the barrel of the pen through the hole in the trim
> the top (open side on the pen facing down), and get it around the lock pin
> (remove the lock 'button' with a 1/4 turn). Now you have all the vertical
> adjustment you need and the pin stays centered in the trim hole.
> Wish I'd used this trick earlier. Anyways, thought I'd toss that one out
> there.
> -James
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