[s-cars] Control arm/Ball joint

Dooksniffer at aol.com Dooksniffer at aol.com
Thu Jun 3 08:12:33 EDT 2004

Order a new bolt (N90456302) from your local dealer.  It'll cost $7 but is 
well worth it.  It is  a stretch bolt that attaches the inner part of the 
control arm to the subframe.  I went the cheap route and it sheered in the subframe 
upon reinstallation, my car has been idle ever since.  On a lighter note Igor 
did both control arms right next to me and had no problems.  However his car 
has about 100K less miles than mine.  
To battle the unsprung weight and the stabilizer bar we used methods such 
affixing a chain (Igors brilliant idea) around the stabilizer bar and control arm 
and then twisting it with a pry bar, sort of like a come-along.  We also used 
a jack under the rotor and the control arm to manipulate everything to fit.  
I almost forgot, Igor came up with way to remove the sleeve (another $7) 
inside the inner bushing in perfect reusable condition.  First the high tech tool: 
it was a piece of wire about coat hanger sized, maybe slightly thicker, with a 
bend at the very end close to 90 deg.  You loosen all three attaching points 
of the control arm and stick said tool into the sleeve and hook it at the top 
inside the sleeve while jiggling (sorry if this is too technical) the control 
arm.  In all three cases the thing popped right out good as new.

Good luck

Ron W.

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