[s-cars] anyone ever install S6plus bumper onto a 95 S6 SEDAN

Tony tony.curran at sympatico.ca
Sat Jun 5 19:44:59 EDT 2004

You have to replace the piston brackets with ones without pistons and the
two guide brackets on the side, one on each fender. A quick look at my Euro
Etka CD shows

Part umbers
Piston Brackets:
4A0807 129D L
4A0 807 130D R

Guide Brackets:
4A0 807 283A L
4A0 807 284B R

There's the backup Dave.

Here is a link to a UK dealer that can send parts out (my old home town)...


96 S6

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> The problem lies with the fact that the S6+ bumper was Euro not
> NAmerica.  In NAmeric we got the 5 mph no-damage bumpers so I could
> easily image (to be backed up by ETKA) that the Euro bumper brackets are
> different than the NAmerican brackets (and/or the S6+ brackets are
> different still from the Euro S6 brackets).  In any event, I think you
> needed more than just the bumper skin to make this install painless
> (i.e. no fabricating).  What you will have now, in terms of "bump"
> resistance, at the end of the day is anybody's guess.  Don't ever have a
> front end accident or you will have some
> " 'splaining to do" (Lucy).
> Dave F.
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