tubo vs super -- Re: [s-cars] was, 0-60 , 1/4mile, now:Re: superchargers are bad, mmkay?

Richard Harris rnharris at bellsouth.net
Sun Jun 6 11:41:11 EDT 2004

The Lancia Delta was AWESOME. Is there any video footage floating around of
the Delta. Heck, I would mind see some video of all the Group B cars.

I've heard ESPN has some footage tucked away in a vault.

1992 S4 Fast
2002 S4 Faster

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Unfortunately the car is alleged by some to "... have spanked the Audi
S1...." in the final rounds of the Group B rally years before the cars were
simply banned as "too dangerous to race anymore,**"  your acquiring one may
only serve to further damage relations with the Audiphiles on the list

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>No Bill, apparently what you really want, whether you know it
>yet or not, is a Lancia Delta S4.  Unfortunately they are
>Italian, prone to be temperamental and difficult to find in the US.

" ** .... It flattened the already outragously quick Audi S1 and the pug 205
T16's. Boost could be as high as over 600bhp and Henri Toivenen lapped the
portugese F1Gp track that year in a time quick enough to secure 6th on the
Gp F1 grid! It and Toivenen were dominating rallying that year untill He and
his co-driver were killed at the Corcica event after rolling off a
cliff.Kankunen and peugeot were left to pick up the peices before group B
was banned." at


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