[s-cars] RE: anti sei... I can't say it!

Krasusky Paul (WQQ2PXK) WQQ2PXK at ups.com
Mon Jun 7 13:45:40 EDT 2004

JR unsuspectingly queried:

<<<Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004 09:08:36 -0500
From: JR <urs4 at magnaspeed.net>
Subject: Re: Subject: [s-cars] Control arm/Ball joint
To: Igor Kessel <kbattpo at verizon.net>
Cc: Scar <s-car-list at audifans.com>, Mike Platt <mplatt911 at yahoo.com>
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What anti seize do you guys use for this R&R?


OH NO!!!!  Whattaworld whattaworld

Did anyone else shudder in their chair when they read those "AS" words?
Let's hope this post mortem equine is let lie... (sorry JR, you likely
didn't read the kabajillion posts about AS last year, not your fault!)

-Paul AS, Tosen, //M Roadsters, benchracing, oh my K.

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