[s-cars] RE: A/C DIY 134a recharge

Tom Mullane tmullane at snet.net
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The AC is not something you want to tackle.  To charge the AC properly, the system must be evacuated, then a measured charge is pumped in through the high side.  A couple of folks have managed to heat cans of freon with hot water and force a charge in through the high port, but at least one that I know of has exploded the can in the process.  IMHO, this is NOT a job for DIY.  There is way too must risk, the quality of the finished product is questionable, and the alternative of have a shop do it is not that expensive.


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Last year there was a discussion about the lack of low pressure port on
the URS cars to easily recharge the A/C with 134a purchased from Walmart
for $3.50 per bottle.  Can't be done everybody said.  Have to take it to
an A/C shop.....

Well now its my turn and I have the juice, if I can just figure out a
way to get it in there.  Does everyone still agree it can't be done by
the shadetree mechanic??

Tim in MI

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