[s-cars] Timing gears

Trevor Frank tfrank at symyx.com
Wed Jun 9 12:47:17 EDT 2004

I looked into this a while back, I even had the manufacturer interested.
When I asked the list I got only a few interested and the manufacturer
wanted quite a few units before they would consider a special based off
of the 16v unit.  It is possible to modify the 16v vw gear if you want.
The only thing is adding a feature for the cam timing sensor.  If you
have a distributor then you are in good shape, or an o34efi.

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I have no idea on that, but after paying 300 bucks for
my pricey ricey Tomei cam gears, I took off the stock
ones and put them side by side with the Tomei's and it
appears that Tomei takes a stock cam gear, drills out
the center, puts some notching on it to tell you how
many degrees advance/retard you're getting and puts a
few bolts in it to keep your engine from becoming a
valve salad.  (Don't forget the Loctite on this one)

Where's Trevor when you need him?


--- mlp5 <mlped at qwest.net> wrote:
> Hum, thanks Joe.  I guess its the "...replace
> belt.." language that's got me
> confused.  Although, if memory serves, I thought I'd
> seen a photo somewhere
> of gear driven cams in an Audi or VW head ... but it
> very well could have
> been in (a) a four cylinder application; &/or (b)
> I've got vague
> recollection of the picture confused with a special
> Cosworth head/project
> that may have had nothing to do with an Audi or VW
> head ....
> On the adjustable cam sprocket thing, wasn't
> Northern European via Dahlback
> Racing looking at doing something like this some
> time back?
> mike
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> >From: Joseph Pizzimenti [mailto:pizzoman at yahoo.com]
> >I think he may be talking about adjustable cam
> gears?
> >
> >I was able to dial out a lot of the lack of
> midrange
> >torque (or rather dial some in) by advancing them
> both
> >2 degrees.
> >
> >sp?articleid=7
> >
> >Joe
> >

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The preceding statement is true.

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