[s-cars] Timing gears

Paul Gailus gailus at mindspring.com
Thu Jun 10 01:39:38 EDT 2004

It's just too bad that there's so little room in back of the radiator.
Otherwise a cam gear setup like the old Ford Cosworth
DFV V-8 would be just the ticket:

And just think, we wouldn't even need the gears for the
other cylinder bank that aren't shown in this drawing ;-)


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> I think the suggestion of timing gears to replace the timing belt was made
> tongue-in-cheek during the discussion about improving the t-belt cover to
> prevent a failed tensioner from taking out the timing belt.
> The bottom line on that thread was to keep the tensioner in a good state
> repair.
> AFAIK, there was never anyone truly serious about timing gears to replace
> the t-belt.
> Eric
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