[s-cars] Is 3" enough?

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Thu Jun 17 21:53:56 EDT 2004

Thanks Jeff.  My guess would be the system would probably be a Gen 2, but
that's only a guess as it was put on the car by the prior owner.  There are
actually two Stromung exhaust systems involved.  On the one which is on the
Avant, only the rear muffler was removed which was the source of the "Hey,
this is a 3" pipe welded over a 2.5" muffler inlet" discovery.  

FWIW, the rear muffler on the Avant was replaced with a 3" inlet/outlet
Magnaflow oval & single tip outlet.  The car actually, to me, sounds a bit
quieter.  Unfortunately, if I'd known about the 2.5" muffler issue before
the old muffler was cut off, I would have tried to take some before/after
back pressure readings on the Avant, but I didn't.  The Avant has a
Magnaflow center resonator, ... but that could have been something the PO
put in.  The new 3" oval Magnaflow w/single tip "sounds" slightly quieter to
my ear than the old dual port design.  

The 3" to 3.5" change over and measurements were done on the sedan and
involve a custom 3rd party, not a Stomrung piece, down pipe.  That rear
muffler, on the second Stomrung kit, remains "connected" to the rest of the
exhaust plumbing, so I've assumed it too was a 2.5" rear muffler.  But with
your information about the changes, I'd have to try to check this with out
cutting the rear muffler off the pipe.  If in fact it turns out the sedan
system was a "latter" generation Stomrung, I guess it would make the
pressure drop data of even more potential significance to Gen 0, 1 & 2
users.  For anyone concerned, it can also be fairly easily changed out
without having to scrape anything simply by getting a 3" inlet/outlet rear
muffler.  I can shoot a picture of the "old" vs. "new" exhaust view if
anyone is interested in the difference in look. 


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