[s-cars] Serpantine belt breaking the timimg belt

Kevin Campbell kevin.campbell at autodesk.com
Sat Jun 19 03:06:37 EDT 2004

Ok, I guess I'm setting myself up for some email abuse here, but I
cannot fathom how a serp belt failure (probably due to a serp belt
tensioner) can result in a broken timing belt.  I have spoken with a
number of Audi stealerships and independent repair shops in the CA bay
area and none of them say that this has or will ever happen.  

To those on the list who say this can/will happen I'd like to know how
they have determined the failing serp belt to be the culprit.  

OK, the timing belt cover is broken.  Who has empirical evidence that a
broken serp belt caused this?  At this point I think all that have made
this claim are silly or are looking to blame something other than the
fact that they went beyond the factory recommended timing belt
replacement schedule.

Someone prove me wrong (be nice, I'm only looking for good information
that back up these accusations).

93 S4 running strong w/165k mi. 

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When I put the RS2 EM on my 95.5 S6 at around 85K miles, the stock EM 
was cracked between number 4 and 5 cylinders.  Not leaking, but cracked.

Dave Forgie wrote:

>S-gruppees:  I am curious.  When I got the car back today (after 8
>of labour to do the full RS2 conversion, including the Samco's, ECU
>install, ball of wax), Otto tells me that my stock EM was starting to
>crack and probably would have needed replacement in a year or less
>anyway.  How many others have found this during their RS2 conversion?
>(or for other reasons).  This was not a question in the Monster Survey
>but it will be next time.  My car is a 93 with 168,000 km (about
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